Vadzim Tashlikovich. Effective IT expert with 20+ years of experience in software design/development, project management and international project coordination. I know how to make reliable, scalable, transparent, measurable, precise, fast, compliant and user-friendly software solutions.

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About me

Excited to create new unique software products in timely manner.
Love: traveling, hiking, hockey, history of ancient scandinavia, scale modeling, arts

Located in Gdańsk, Poland. Born in Belarus.


Tech & development expertise:

  • Creating cloud architecture for ERP/Banking/Fintech using Google Cloud & AWS;
  • System architecture creation in terms of performance, budget, support and team capabilities, application of 20+ architecture patterns;
  • Passing external security audits, including penetration tests;
  • Integrations: ERP, banking providers, crypto/FIAT systems, identity screening and AML using SWIFT, SEPA, API;
  • Launching a cloud-based BaaS's in short terms;
  • Product security alignment with OWASP, CWE, NIST;
  • Architecture and processes design under PCI-DSS, PSD2;
  • Implementation of corporate and personal KYC;
  • Delivering crypto solutions operating NFT in blockchain via Web3;
  • Delivering of fast crypto arbitrage solutions;
  • Introduction of CI/CD processes;
  • Tech stack knowledge: Java/Node.js/Python, JS/TS/React, SQL;
  • Strategies for customised software delivery of enterprise level.

Management expertise:

  • Work on urgent, high precision/reputational projects;
  • Establishing effective collaboration between teams and stakeholders; increasing parties' engagement; defining the objectives, success criteria;
  • Developing a long-term roadmap, planning and execution of new features, ensuring that progress is aligned to strategic goals and does not impact the timeline;
  • Defining risks and monitoring for new threats;
  • Evaluation of efforts, explanation of every aspect of it;
  • Execution of POC, release of MVP with minimal time-to-market;
  • Establishing of tech support, incident management, delivery processes;
  • Defining & monitoring performance and quality KPI's;
  • Creation of documentation required by regulators for banking licenses in France & UK;
  • Establishing strong UX by discovering user journeys and making them as friendly as possible;
  • Choosing the appropriate methodology (Scrum, Kanban) for the current dev life cycle;
  • Technical & management start-up audits and creation of flaws elimination roadmap;
  • Presales as technical and reputational assistance;
  • Helping to get the next investment rounds;
  • Managing start-up crisis;
  • Coordination of international teams, multi grade motivation of employees;
  • Resources: career paths, assessments, interviews;
  • Transferring projects to subordinated PM; mentoring and growth;
  • Establishing end-to-end responsibility, making sure each team member becomes an "owner" of the product in terms of motivation.


FORTYSEVEN, Outsource/Invest company | 2017 - present

Chief Technology Officer, Technical Program Manager

Scand PL, Outsource company | 2021 - present

Head of software development department: delivery, program and resource management.

Scand, Outsource company | 2002 - 2021

Head of software development department: delivery, program and resource management. In the past: Team lead, Senior software engineer, Project manager.

INKOMDATA, Product company | 2000 - 2002

Software engineer, Team lead.
Development of ERP systems using Java tech stack. Leading the development team, tasks management, code review.

Recent projects

1. Crypto arbitrage bot | 2023 - present

Achievements: gathered business requirements, managed a prototype creation, created architecture for the high-performant CEX/DEX trading solution, implemented the core service, helped to create solution that gains profit on cryptocurrency market.

2. Nation-level energy exchange solution | 2022 - present

Achievements: attracted the lead, managed to release 1st version in extremely short terms, created architecture of the solution.

3. Gamehotness | 2022 - present

Achievements: generated the idea, designed and implemented a data-driven service, fetching and analysis of data using Python.

4. P2E game start-up using Blockchain/NFT/Web3 | 2022

Achievements: created all management and delivery processes for a project from a completely new industry, made development controllable, estimated, predictable; contributed into the solution architecture creation.

5. Fintech start-up architecture and processes design | 2022

Achievements: successfully consolidated the professional audit team; created a cross-region cloud architecture; created a full set of the recommendations in terms of creation of cross-region architecture and processes to fit PCI-DSS and banking regulations for several countries.

6. Fintech start-up full audit | 2022

Achievements: performed both management and architecture audit; created a list of recommendations to make development controllable, estimated, customized, without common design flaws for a Fintech industry; solved a startup crisis.

7. Startup in UK energy market | 2021

Achievements: gathered the business requirements, translated a business idea to the technical specification within a multi-step energy calculations formula; created a solution architecture; implemented several components of the solution; led the team to release POC in 2 months; managed to build a robust production-ready software.

8. Online bank | 2018 - present

Achievements: led the team to release MVP live in 8 months; developed a banking cloud architecture compatible with PCI-DSS, PSD2; implemented several components of the solution; successfully coordinated the international team.

9. ERP solution for UK’s energy market | 2019 - present

Achievements: led the team to release the required version within a limited budget; investigated the business functionality of the legacy system without any documentation and helped to build an effective solition; created solution architecture.

10. Cryptocurrency trading platform | 2019 - 2021

Achievements: solved a startup crisis, managed resources in extreme conditions.

11. Software solution for ski instructors management | 2020 - present

Achievements: guided the project from tender to the release, created solution architecture, successfully worked with the fixed budget, have grown the management personnel.

12. Open-source Javascript component | 2019 - 2020

Achievements: performed analysis of the competing area and helped to create a product with the key strengths.

13. Online banking platform | 2018 - present

Achievements: coordinated the release MVP version in 4 months, have grown the management personnel.


Recent challenges completed:

  • Performed penetration test, security audit of the enterprise application
  • Attracted and initiated a nation-level energy exchange project
  • Managed and helped to release NFT/Web3 marketplace in a new industry
  • Created a banking architecture using AWS services, optimal in terms of performance and a budget
  • Performed benchmarking of the real-case financial software solutions written in Node.js/Java/Python
  • Performed a management and technical audit of a start-up, created plans for the found flaws elimintation
  • Created a cross-region cloud architecture solution
  • Successfully attracted new clients, contracts signing
  • Introduced a new technology stack into application, from POC to production
  • Created a tool for a custom analysis of Sprint/Kanban boards
  • Investigated the technical aspects of implementation of Payment services Directive (PSD2) in Banking industry, introduced a list of improvements, controlled the implementation
  • Helped to bring a startup to the 2nd round of investments
  • Launched several projects in a short period with the limited resources
  • Brought new IT-industry expertise for the company in a short term
  • Automated the reporting process


Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Belarusian State University / Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

1996-2001, Belarus, Minsk

Arts School

1989-1993, Belarus, Zhodino

Certificates, courses and self-education:

Top Skills

The key ones:
  • Great communication
  • Analytics and planning
  • System architecture
  • Reponsibility
  • Leadership
  • Presentation
  • Focusing
  • Programming
  • English - full working proficiency
  • Polish - limited working proficiency
  • German - beginner
  • Belarusian/Russian - native

Programming languages / Frameworks


Others: React, PHP, Basic, Pascal, Assembler, Lisp, C/C++, ActionScript


  • FINALIST. The best website nomination in category “History, culture, arts”. Russia, Moscow, 2005
  • WINNER. The best content website nomination in category “Education”. Belarus, Minsk, 2006

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