Vadim Tashlikovich. An effective IT expert with 20 years of experience in software development, IT project management and international project coordination.

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About me

Started programming on scientific calculators in pre-PC era in 80s. Studied arts and focused on English at secondary school. At the university chose a computer networking department because expected Internet to be an enormous part of our life.

I’m exited to work in IT because it evolves constantly and brings innovations fast. True devotee of GTD methodology at home and work. Eager to program by myself or control the revealing of the new software solutions.

I like to create things that work as smart and elegant as Apple products and improve things steadily like seen in Toyota history. Believe that a skilled and motivated staff is the key to a company’s success.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science

Belarusian State University / Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

1996-2001, Belarus, Minsk

Arts School

1989-1993, Belarus, Zhodino

Courses and self-education:
  • Project management
  • Negotiations
  • Time management, productivity, GTD
  • Agile methodologies
  • UI design, markup
  • UX, special focus on banking industry
  • Python for Machine learning/Deep machine learning/Deep neural networks
  • Python for Natural Language Processing
  • Node.js, frameworks (NestJS, Mongoose, TypeORM, Passport)
  • Unix/Linux servers management
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Organizing of DMZ levels
  • Event driven scalable architecture

Fields of expertise

By industry:

  • ERP - developer, team lead, project manager, coordinator
  • Fintech, Banking industry - developer, team lead, project manager, coordinator, technical consultant
  • Components development - developer, project manager
  • Social networking - developer, stakeholder
  • Product catalogue - developer, owner
  • Websites development, CMS - developer
  • SEO - developer, owner
  • Machine learning (ML/DNN/NLP) - developer

By role:

  • Developer: Software development, System design (DB/SPA/SOA/microservices), UI/UX, Security, Machine learning/Deep machine learning, NLP, interviews
  • Team lead: tasks estimation, code review, tasks management, interviews
  • Project manager: resources management, releases roadmap, creating and maintaining development and delivery procecess, specifications, tasks management, communication with product owners, coordination of work teams (support, frontend, backend, mobile, support, devops), system architecture, security design, interviews, certification compatibility, creating ISMS, planning in long-term as well as operating with narrow horizon of events
  • Product manager: creating vision and scope of the product, market placement, planning product lifecycle, features/releases roadmap management, marketing events management, coordination of work teams (support, frontend, backend, mobile, support, devops), SEO (Google, Yandex)
  • Head of IT development department/Projects coordinator: resources and policies management, building teams for projects of 2 kinds (outsource, products), tech investigation, estimation of new projects, attracting the leads, creating and maintaining processes, projects audit, technical and management consultations, owners & investors negotiations, management of the full project lifecycle, coordination of teams, starting industry branches for a company, technical lectures, mentoring expertise, crisis management, reports management, analysis of working activity/trends, interviews with candidates


Recent challenges completed:

  • Introduction of a new technology stack into application, POC to production
  • Tool for a custom analysis of Sprint/Kanban board
  • Investigation the technical aspects of implementation of Payment services Directive (PSD2) in Banking industry, implementation
  • Help in bringing the startup to the 2nd round of investments
  • Quick project launch
  • Working with limited resources
  • Manipulating resources on the go
  • Bringing new IT-industry expertise for the company in short terms
  • Automation of the reporting process


The key ones:
  • Reponsibility
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Focusing
  • Programming
  • English - advanced
  • Polish - beginner
  • German - beginner
  • Belarusian/Russian - native


FORTYSEVEN, Outsource company | 2017 - present

Projects coordinator, Product manager

SCAND, Outsource company | 2002 - present

Head of IT development department, Projects coordinator, Product/Project manager, Team lead, Senior developer.

INKOMDATA, Product company | 2000 - 2002

Developer, Team lead.
Development of ERP systems using Java tech stack. Leading the development team, tasks management, code review.

Recent projects

1. Startup in UK energy market | 2021

Fast development of the proof-of-concept application.

Achievements: business requirements gathering, translation of a business idea to a technical specification within a multi-step energy calculations formula, releasing POC in 2 months; helping to build a robust production-ready software.

2. Online bank | 2018 - present

Starting online bank from the scratch. Launching in production, supporting, continuous improvements. Creating development, support, delivery processes. 20+ international team members management, including backend, frontend, mobile, management/support teams. Creating a cloud autoscaling architecture of the system compatible with PCI-DSS, PSD2, OWASP Top 10, CWE, NIST. Guiding an integration with service providers. Creating a security information management system (processes, controls, documentation) for certification under PCI-DSS, ISO 27001. Taking part in HR processes, interviews. Negotiation with product owners, support team, investors, customers. Applying agile methodologies, specifying, documenting.

Achievements: releasing MVP live in 8 months; development of a banking cloud architecture compatible with PCI-DSS, PSD2; coordination of international team.

3. ERP solution for UK’s energy market | 2019 - present

Management of software solution as a transition of the legacy solution to the new platform. Taking part in presales, negotiations, starting the project. Communication with product owner/legacy team, creating architecture, establishing development/delivery processes. Creating the specification. Integration with data source providers. Introduction of the support team, coordination. Crisis management. 5+ employees.

Achievements: releasing the required version within a limited budget; investigation of business functionality of the legacy system without any documentation and building an effective solition.

4. Cryptocurrency trading platform | 2019 - present

Resource management. Coordination, consultation. Crisis management. 12+ employees.

Achievements: solving startup crisis, resource management in extreme conditions.

5. Software solution for ski instructors management | 2020 - present

Presales, starting the project. Architecture, specifications, consultation. Coordination. Creating and maintaining processes. 4 employees.

Achievements: guiding the project from tender to the release, successfully working with the fixed budget, growing the management personnel.

6. Open-source Javascript component | 2019 - 2020

Resources and product management: starting, specifying features, releases management. 5+ employees.

Achievements: analysis of the competing area and creating a product with the key strengths.

7. Online banking platform | 2018 - 2020

Resources management. Coordination, consultation. 5+ employees.

Achievements: releasing MVP version in 4 months, growing the management personnel.

Programming languages / Frameworks


Others: Basic, Pascal, Assembler, Lisp, C/C++, ActionScript


  • FINALIST. The best website nomination in category “History, culture, arts”. Russia, Moscow, 2005
  • WINNER. The best content website nomination in category “Education”. Belarus, Minsk, 2006

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